Collection: Inertia Wave Duo (Non-Anchored)

The Inertia Wave DUO is a two-person variant of the original Inertia Wave that allows you and a partner to perform the 15 Methods of Use simultaneously resulting in a high-energy HIIT workout. This variant cannot be anchored to stationary objects - your partner is your anchor. The Inertia Wave Duo is like a traditional set of battleropes which are used worldwide, however these are much more effective and safer to use than battleropes. There are movements which you cannot perform such as towing weighted sled and rope slams, but for HIIT Training and conditioning you wont find anything more effective than the Inertia Wave.
Instead of anchoring these to a fence, railings, the boot of your car, trailer, the wall in the gym or sleds, your training partner is your anchor, meaning you both get worked double hard. You are both fighting against the energy produced when making the tubes wave. We have supplied these to professional rugby teams, special forces, emergency services, race car drivers, physiotherapists, bootcamp owners and home gym users. Train anywhere, anytime.