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Inertia Wave UK & Ireland

Inertia Wave Duo Red

Inertia Wave Duo Red

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The Inertia Wave DUO is a two-person variant of the original Inertia Wave that allows you and a partner to perform the 15 Methods of Use simultaneously resulting in a high-energy HIIT workout. This variant cannot be anchored to stationary objects - your partner is your anchor. 

Want to train by yourself? Try the original Inertia Wave!

What's included with your purchase:

  • (1) Pair Inertia Wave DUO tubes
  • (1) Pair Safety Straps (built in)
  • (1) Inertia Wave DUO Safety Instructions

Buddy up with a friend, team mate or PT client and push each other hard. With you or your partner being the anchor point, you have to work hard to maintain an athletic posture, but you can also get an idea as to how hard they are training. Pairing this with pitch based conditioning runs, sled work and bodyweight circuits, really will lift your performance and competitive spirit.



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Safe training space required 3m x 2m

Care Instructions

Simply wipe with a cloth after eatch workout and allow to dry.

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    You won't find a specific HIIT Training device to be as effective for the money. The Inertiawave is backed by scientific studies.